When I had more time for me I started pottery in a really cute place near my apartment. It was one of the best decisions ever! It is very relaxing and working with my hands was something I missed.

Mother Earth

I made a venus of Willendorf or the Mother Earth of the paloelithic (Old Europe).  It has been suggested that represent a high social status in a hunter-gatherer society and that, in addition to the obvious reference to fertility, the image could also be a symbol of safety, success or well-being.

It had a lot of attention so people asked for more. I made different positions and forms. More to come!


As a Pinterest fan I could not resist to do a mug. After all the inspiration I found I decided to make this design. We are surrounded by perfect images especially of ceramic mugs so when I started the black sgrafitto with the geometric design I went a little anxious as the lines were not straight and also the form it was not perfect. With the help of my teacher and time I realized that I was doing that from scratch, it was my second class and the perfection it is find trough imperfection or the japanese concept wabi-sabi, the act of embracing the flawed or the imperfect), so finally I enjoyed every line.
That is the reason I started pottery, to find time for me and disconnect.


Olive inspired plates

My first project with clay. I made this nature themed plates with white sgraffito. It was a very nice experience to play with the clay and then draw these plants that remind me of olive’s branches.

Little brown jug

Even I did not have much practice I decided I wanted to do a traditional jug for the upcoming summer. It has a wide neck because I wanted to have space for at least one hand for clean the inside part. Before enamel the jug I had to fix every part to leave it even and by doing that I left a texture I found really rustic so I decided not to smooth it. I am very happy with the result.


Mimosa Rosemary and Pansy Tile

We had to make a final project for the end of the course in June. The format was a tile. I made a composition with one of my illustrations inspired by pansy and mimosa and rosemary plants.

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