Working with leather

I worked almost three years as a trends and marketing coordinator in an international chemical company in the leather business.

I was in charge of the department. I felt free in that way as I had to take decisions many times without constantly consulting with my superior. Every time we created a new product serie or line I was in charge of identify and create innovative solutions to respond to market needs. That means that almost of the time we had several projects in line so I have to organize them so we could reach our deadlines.

I was the manager of design so everything related to our image was in my desk. So I prepared the publicity and advertising material for the company and to present to our customers, designed the stands for the international fairs: Russia, India, China and Pakistan, and prepared and design posters for magazines.

My main project was to elaborate a trend book with the seasonal trends applied to the leather business. Every six months we released to our clients a color card, with the principal colors of the season, a poster with the colors and later the book with different themes and leather samples. We worked with different color and trend book marks, as Peclers or A+A, and visited international fairs for inspiration as Premiere Vision in Paris and Lineapelle in Milan.

When we had the trend book ready we went to our customers and make a fashion presentation to explain the concepts and the leather articles. I went to Valencia and Alicante (Spain), Chennai (India), Shanghai (China), León (Mexico) and Istanbul (Turkey).

We also worked in upholstery finishings so once a year we prepared a book with new samples.



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